Brazing Fittings

For pipework installations that operate at higher temperatures or pressures than can be tolerated by soft capillary soldered fittings, e.g. steam services, or where grease-based fluxes are prohibited e.g. oxygen lines, a range of high-duty fittings is available. High-duty fittings usually contain integral rings of silver brazing alloy, though end-feed types are also available. Melting points for brazing filler metals can be around 650oC, much higher than the 220 - 240oC typical for solder filler metals.

8mm to 54mm Brazing Fittings

Straight couplings, elbows, tees and many more. All our 8mm to 54mm brazing fittings are WRAS Approved

67mm-219mm Brazing Fittings

The full range of WRAS Approved brazing fittings in sizes from 67mm to 219mm

General Heavy Duty Fittings

Silver Solder General High Duty Fittings manufactured in the UK for the highest quality

Marine Heavy Duty Fittings

Silver Solder fittings for use in the harshest of marine enviroments

Ordinary Solder

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Our popular Brazing Fittings

A small selection of out most popular fittings